Workshop – how to be a beauty blogger!

I was feeling under the weather last week, full of a cold, tired, energy less and was in two minds whether to attend the workshop hosted by the beautiful Cosmedic Coach, Antonia Mariconda

But I am so glad I made the effort!!!

Beauty Blog Workshop

I tend to update Twitter, Instagram and even my Facebook account more than my Blog but that is actually where it all began. By day job I am a contract Project Manager and have periods in between work where I have time to myself and that’s where my blog started. Attending the workshop made me feel truly excited about getting my blog going again and to try make something of it! Now everyone can say they get truly excited about something but I don’t… I’ll be honest here, I also suffer from the ‘ugly duckling’ syndrome which I cannot believe Antonia bravely revealed – she is beautiful, sexy and a presenter that keeps you interested (believe me I have almost fallen asleep at some presentations!) and coupled with being laid back, okay some might say horizontal, I actually got really excited about getting my blog going again!!

As well as Antonia there were two other speakers who equally kept my interest the whole way through,  Jenny and Mark. Jenny at runs a beauty PR company and I have gained some valuable points from her! Don’t be shy to contact agencies and companies is one of them…! Mark who was the techy website guy gave some really useful points with everything ranging from the look and feel of the site to helping you get the most followers and how not to be hacked! I cannot find Marks business card but will gain his details and post them.



Coupled with the most amazing goodie bag I have ever received I came away feeling energised, positive and very thankful for all the helpful tips to grow my blog 🙂


2 thoughts on “Workshop – how to be a beauty blogger!

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